World’s Top 20 Most Valuable Clubs

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It is that time of year, again – the time when Big 4 accounting and consulting firm, Deloitte releases its annual report on the ‘Football Money League.’ The report profiles the highest revenue generating soccer clubs from around the globe for the previous season – in this case 2009-2010. It is a collection of information that is so unique to this report. Some clubs, such as Los Blancos of Real Madrid, are comfortable disclosing financial details. However, not all clubs are so keen to allow the public to be privy to their finances.

This is where Deloitte steps in, using its own sources at each of the clubs. The breakdown of revenues consists of matchday sales, broadcasting contracts and commercial income. One of the more interesting figures, is how this breakdown not only varies by club, but by league. In the Barclays Premier League, the majority of teams can expect 30% of revenue to be derived from matchday sales, another 30% from commercial contracts and the remainder from broadcasting income.

In the Serie A, it is common for over 50% of a club’s revenue to be generated from broadcasting. AC Milan generates 60% of its income from broadcasting and as little as 13% from matchday sales. Though not a flawless indicator, Italian-sides Inter Milan, Juventus and AS Roma follow suit with 62%, 65% and 53% respectively. Juventus draw just 8% of revenue from matchday sales.

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