Philadelphia Union Trademark DOOP

by Christopher Savino


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File_33_17_mediumThe latest Philadelphia Union fan contest and the inclusion of a DOOP scarf in season ticket holder packages has prompted several questions about who owns the rights to the word 'DOOP'. While the contest awards a fan submitting the best DOOP-related design for a t-shirt to be sold by the Philadelphia Union, it is the season ticket holder scarf that is more interesting as the Sons of Ben will similarly be providing its paid members with scarves.

The questions of what if DOOP was trademarked and how it would affect Sons of Ben and the supporters immediately arose. Often when the interests of the business and its supporters cross, it creates a less than desired result. Connecting the community to the team, whether it be DOOP or something else, can be as important as the atmosphere inside the stadium and, at times, the performance of the team. The trademarking of DOOP has the potential to remove a significant element of the fan experience. 


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