US goalkeepers talk charity and the MLS

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We’ve all watched MLS and U.S. men’s national team games and seen the commercials of U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard musing in front of goal about topics ranging from flowing locks, to “boranging” all the way to the stadium.

However, these commercials are only the surface of the partnership that the Allstate insurance company brings to MLS and the U.S men’s national team.

Ahead of the MLS Cup held in Los Angeles, former New York Red Bulls and U.S. men’s national team goalkeeper Tony Meola, along with Allstate, hosted and ran a surprise clinic for inner city children. Meola explained in an exclusive interview with that they do a “community event on all of our stops” with Los Angeles being the last of them.

From the playoff format down to the youth academies for each of the teams, the two goalkeepers had their own views on various talking points that are at the forefront of the U.S. game today.
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