Apple wants rights to Barclay’s Premier League media

Apple iTV and Barclay's Premier League

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that California-based Apple is interested in obtaining the rights to Barclay’s Premier League content. The deal would not be limited to archived content, but also live broadcasting of matches.

Despite the obvious interest that would be generated by the Premier League’s local market, significant demand would be created globally from fans throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas who regularly follow the what most claim to be the best league in the world.

Daily Mail is also suggests Sky, ESPN, and Al Jazeera will be bidding for the rights to the content.

The news comes in the wake of numerous rumors being shared about Apple’s upcoming new product, which has been referred to as iTV, building on the success up the company’s TV peripheral, Apple TV. Exclusive media deals and the rights to exclusive content will give few fans a reason not to buy into Apple’s product lineup in 2012.



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