Praying for the City of Boston


The staff at Business of Soccer have had a difficult time comprehending the impact of yesterday’s incident at the Boston Marathon. The events that took place are larger than any sporting event and will extend their reach far outside of the running world.

As athletes and footballers alike, we are also spectators and supporters. We have been both on the playing field and on the sidelines. In moments, such as this, there are few words appropriate enough to describe the reality of the situation. At the time of this writing, it has been less than eight hours (10:08 PM ET) since the first bomb was detonated at the finish line and a global outpouring of support had touched Boston.

In all facets of our lives, we deserve a sense of safety and protection. More importantly, we deserve a sense of comfort and community in the places we live, the places we work, and in this community, the environments which we enjoy our football and soccer.

As Americans, we may disagree on the topics of politics and policies, but in moments of need, we unite and put those differences aside in order to support and provide assistance to one another. Certainly, yesterday afternoon was no different from the many heroic acts by staff, volunteers, emergency crews, and the immediate public. It showed the perseverance of humanity, and the citizens of Boston and the United States.

For those of us who attend matches across the markets in MLS, USL, NASL and leagues across the world, it is difficult to imagine such terror entering our stadiums – places of peace and serenity – for some, the places that bring pure happiness and joy to our stressful lives.

The Boston Marathon with all its prestige serves that purpose in the lives of runners. Athletes converge on this historic course to create their own race story. It is unfortunate that their stories will be different than most marathoners.

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In mere moments, the world forever changed today. As with the attacks of 9/11, society will require yet another level of security and force to maintain peace in our daily lives. The road to recovery begins today as doctors continue to treat and release victims, families mourn their losses, and law enforcement searches to bring justice to an inequitable act.

On behalf of everyone here at Business of Soccer, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and friends, and to the next generation in the hope that they can grow and learn from this event to live in a more peaceful world both on and off the pitch. #prayforBoston

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