Premier League Finances for 11/12 Season

In a special report compiled by the Guardian, an analysis of all the finances of Premiership clubs of the 2011/12 season who were in the Premier League in the 2010/2011 season can be seen here.

In a nut shell the report breaks down each club and gives information on the owners, various sources of income and their respective amounts, as well as their highest paid director, net debt and a brief summary of their financial situation based on the information.  Here is a google docs spread sheet uploaded by the guardian containing all the information cited in the report.

The information is sourced from Companies House, a UK Government entity tasked with the incorporating and dissolving of limited companies as well as analyzing company information submitted to them by law under the Companies act.  In addition, this executive agency of the Department of Business makes all this information available to the public.

From the report it becomes evident that the wage bill is by far the biggest burden on premiership club finances, which isn’t surprising as wages have always been the understated thorn while everyone focuses on player transfer fees.  In total Premiership clubs in the report spent £1.6 billion on wages which represents almost about 66% of the combined £2.4 billion in income that the clubs reported.

The top five clubs in overall turnover rank as follows:

1st: Manchester United – £320 million

2nd: Chelsea – £261 million

3rd: Arsenal – £245 million

4th: Manchester City – £231 million

5th: Liverpool – £169 million

While the report is for this past season, it can still provide a good deal of insight into the clubs as the guardian has summarized a little and can be a possible indicator or explanation for certain decisions that clubs have made that at the time may not have made sense to some fans.  Read away through the links above and enjoy

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