A.S. Roma Releases New Logo

Left: A.S. Roma's new logo

Left: A.S. Roma’s New Logo

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AS Roma today, upon completing its 86th year of competition, introduces an updated brand identity system that honors and builds on its rich history, highlights the club’s connection to Rome and modernizes one of the most beloved brands in football and establishes the visual direction for the Club for years to come.
An extensive local market research program was undertaken to evolve and update the celebrated marks of the Club.

The goal: Honor the rich tradition of the Club and Rome, while properly reflecting the Club’s growth domestically and internationally.

The new Roma logo features clean, modern lines along with a contemporary and timeless graphic structure. The logo is designed to reflect the essence of AS Roma – pride, courage, inventiveness, and passion – fundamental values of Roman culture as well.

“The City of Rome is the heart and origin of our club. Having ‘Roma’ on our logo and on our players’ chests properly honors this and tells the world who we are”, said Jim Pallotta, President of AS Roma.

“The launch of our updated brand is aligned with our vision for the future – one that combines heritage with aggressive global growth”, said Italo Zanzi, CEO of AS Roma. “It will fundamentally enhance all of our new initiatives, including our Nike and Disney partnerships and our new stadium.”

Design Continuity

The updated logo is a vibrant new take on AS Roma’s memorable crest, which has represented the Club since its inception. Many of the key elements, endemic to the city of Rome, will remain the same, including:

1) Historic Shape of the Shield – The updated logo maintains the shape and proportions of the original AS Roma crest, represented in art and sculpture throughout the city. The additional black line in the middle provides a stable base for La Lupa Capitolina and her twins.

2) Traditional Red and Yellow Colors – The classic color palette, which evokes the colors of Rome, remains and will continue to pay tribute to the community that the Club represents.

3) La Lupa Capitolina with twins Romulus and Remus – The Club that represents Rome is inextricably linked with the birth of the Eternal City, founded 2,766 years ago. We continue to honor the icon that is recognized worldwide.

Design Evolution

AS Roma has tremendous brand equity that far outpaces that of nearly every European sports club. The Club has carefully evolved the logo to respect the past but represent the future.

1) ROMA – The city of Rome is known and admired throughout the world. To properly acknowledge the unparalleled bond between the Club and the city, the monogram ASR has been proudly replaced with the full name of the city.

2) 1927 – The Club has tremendous respect for its history and the accomplishments of its players. During the 2012/2013 season, AS Roma introduced the first Hall of Fame in Italy. Placing the year of the team’s foundation into the official logo pays further homage to the legacy of the Club.

3) La Lupa Capitolina – This icon has become stronger, more graphic and more modern, a new wolf for a new era. She and the twins are represented in a 3-dimensional manner, to better represent the magnitude of the brand within Rome and around the world.

4) Typeface – The Trajan Pro typeface used in the updated logo is an ideal fit with the traditional shape of the crest. It is honest and strong, a modern evolution of a classic. A second complementary typeface – Helvetica Neue Light – will be used in all Club communications.

5) Accent Color – A metallic silver color has been integrated into the logo. The addition of the silver brings a refined and subtle diversity and depth to the AS Roma color palette.

6) Wordmark – A new wordmark for AS Roma has been designed using the same Trajan Pro typeface so that it complements the shield logo in an enduring fashion. It also utilizes a “dot” to separate the words, reminiscent of the ancient style used on Roman statues and monuments.

While the new uniforms will not be introduced soon, the updated AS Roma logo and wordmarks will begin to appear immediately on all official Club communications, online and in our social media outlets, and on merchandise and signage.

Fans can go to ASRomaStore.it or visit an Official AS Roma Store to immediately purchase selected items featuring the updated logo. All stores will be receiving the new merchandise in increasing volume over the coming weeks.

Included with this press release are PDFs with the updated AS Roma Style Guide and a chart that shows the thoughtful evolution of the official logo. For proper trademark usage, please contact Raffaella Cecilia Santamaria at +39-06-5019-1785.

For more information about AS Roma and access to the updated brand identity kit, please contact AS Roma Media Relations office at +39-(0)6-5019.11 or ufficio.stampa@asroma.it.


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