FIFA World Cup Ticket Sales Start Strong

With the first window of ticket purchasing opening Tuesday, August 20th, FIFA  received requests from over 163,000 people from all over the world. Each applicant can request up to four tickets for each match and for as many as seven matches. More than one million tickets have been requested within the first seven hours of the sale window for the World Cup final to held in Rio de Janeiro. The opening match in Sao Paulo also received an overwhelming number of ticket requests; 168,000 people requested tickets. FIFA’s Director of Marketing Thierry Weil explained,

Speaking about predictions and expectations for sales is always complicated.Personally, I imagine we will face demand similar to that seen in Germany in 2006, when there were, on average, seven applicants for each ticket.  But each situation is very specific. In South Africa in 2010, for instance, we sold 1.9 million tickets but the bulk of those were sold during the tournament, just before games, as culturally that’s how tickets are bought there.

FIFA reported that most ticket requests came from people living in Brazil, Argentina, United States, Chile, and England.  The price range for tickets to next year’s World Cup final is between $440 and $990 while group stage matches range from $90 to $175.  Brazilian residents will be offered discounted tickets to World Cup matches next summer.

FIFA has organized various phases for purchasing tickets.  The first window, between August 20 to October 10, will treat each ticket request equally despite the date requested.  Any matches oversold will result in a random draw to determine which requests will be honored.  During the second window lasting until November 28th tickets will be sold first come first served.  This cycle repeats again after the groups are drawn on December 6, 2013 until April 1, 2014.  The final window sale is first come first served and opens April 15 until the opening match on June 12.  All ticket requests are being processed online at FIFA,com.

The Brazilian government has filed a complaint against FIFA’s ticketing and hospitality partner, MATCH Services AG.  The public prosecutor believes that MATCH is violating antitrust laws, stating that the company has a “monopoly for the 2014 World Cup’s tickets market”.

Reporting on the business side of the world's game.