MLS Releases Native App on Apple TV

mls-appletv-2Major League Soccer released its official app on Apple TV yesterday. The league joins the MLB, NBA, and NHL among the sports apps alongside Watch ESPN.

The app includes free on-demand video highlights, analysis, fantasy soccer advice, and player profiles as well as full episodes of MLS 36 and MLS Insider. Additionally, videos from each club is available within the “Clubs” section. League standings are also available.

Aside from the free content, MLS LIVE subscribers can login and view live matches and archived content from the 2013 season. New users have the option to purchase a subscription in the app.

MLS noted the app was created in-house by the development team in New York City.

MLS also has official apps on the following platforms and devices

  • Roku
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows 8 tablets

As more apps have been added to the device in recent months, here is how to remove unwanted apps and keep the MLS app at the top of the list. Apple allows users to show/hide apps by going to Settings > General > Parental Settings. Scroll down and select between ‘Show’ and ‘Hide’ for apps to appear (or not appear) on your Apple TV’s home screen. Users are also above to reorganize apps by selecting and holding on an app; the app will begin to shake and using the arrows, the user can move the app within the menu.

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