UPDATE: City of Orlando Board of Commissioners Unanimously Approve Stadium

Update: City of Orlando Board of Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of Orlando City Soccer Club’s stadium.




The following article was originally published on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Photo courtesy of Orlando City Soccer Club and Mark Thor

Photo courtesy of Orlando City Soccer Club and Mark Thor

Two series of votes remain between the Orlando City Soccer Club and a new soccer specific stadium in downtown Orlando.

  • The City of Orlando will vote on Monday, October 7.
  • Orange County Commissioners will vote two weeks later on Tuesday, October 22.

Pending the approval of the City and County, Orlando would be able to enter into final negotiations with Major League Soccer (MLS) for the league’s next franchise.

Both votes will be open to the public. Orlando City President Phil Rawlins commented,

We are excited as we begin this final step of securing a downtown soccer stadium for the Central Florida area.

The vote by the City of Orlando will occur at the City Hall Council Chambers in downtown Orlando (see Google Maps for location). Supporters are encouraged to park in the garage behind City Hall and cross over the walkway bridge; go through security and the Chambers will be around the corner on the right. The October 22 vote takes place at 201 S Rosalind Avenue at the County Administration Building. Parking is available around the building.

For additional details and updated, check out the official Facebook event created by Orlando City Soccer Club here.

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