Jogabo In Final Stage of Development Before Public Launch

Photo courtesy of Jogabo INC.

Before internet-connected mobile devices, social interaction was different. Early on, cellular phones and internet via desktop computers dominated the available means of communication aside from face to face meetings. It may have been personal but the technology often interfered and was prohibitive.

Pick-up soccer is not all that different. It is a social gathering for footballers with the means of organization being advanced by technology.

In a world with more than 7 billion people and the United States having more than 300 million, an estimated 32% of adults have internet access worldwide and 80% in the United States. There are more than 265 million registered footballers in the world, including 24.5 million in the United States, according to a previous report from FIFA.

The global soccer community is on the verge of change.

2013-10-09-JeremyMelul-Jogabo copyThe advent of mobile internet connectivity has not only changed how people communicate remotely but how they interact physically. Through social media and various platforms, the internet has brought people together for a variety of reasons. It is now bringing footballers together.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have provided a basis for connecting users with common interests. Services like Meetup have allowed users to organize events to meet in person to share in that common interest first hand.

Jogabo is going to bring footballers together and allow them to connect in a manner that is both social and competitive. “It’s Foursquare meets Strava for soccer,” according to CEO and Co-founder Jeremy Melul.

The company launched its Indiegogo to provide assistance in raising the final round of funding prior to public launch. The team, now based in Buenos Aires, is working around the clock to bring the experience to its user base.

Jogabo has raised 35.8% 33.9% of its final funding goal of $50,000 through Indiegogo. The campaign was launched on October 2nd and has 40 days left, concluding on November 17th. More than 232 180 people have supported the project.

It is not only public backers that are interested in seeing Jogabo become a success. Fellow innovator in the soccer community, KYCK, is also interested in Jogabo’s future.

The investment interest is not a surprise given Lackey’s background in the soccer community, including KYCK and, which was sold for $15 million in 2000 and later reacquired for use by KYCK.

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Team picture

The team behind Jogabo, Inc. From left to right: Mehdi Djabri, Jeremy Melul, Pierre-Guillaume Herveou.

Jogabo expects to release the app on iOS and Android in January 2014. More to come on Business of Soccer about Jogabo.

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