Goal-Line Technology to be Implemented at 2014 FIFA World Cup

The technology used to officiate soccer has virtually been unchanged in its long history.  With the creation of goal-line technology (GTL), soccer has joined the plethora of major sports to use in-game technology to aid referees and officials.  FIFA announced on Thursday that it will be using GTL provider GoalControl GmbH at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil next summer.

In a statement released by FIFA, the international governing body of soccer explained that the use of GTL in the 2013 Confederations Cup held in Brazil helped facilitate the decision to use it for the world’s most prestigious tournament.  According to FIFA’s official statement:

Today’s announcement follows an evaluation process in which the relevant departments within FIFA examined the use of GoalControl-4D during the FIFA Confederations Cup. While there were no goal-line incidents in which the technology was required to determine whether a goal had been scored, the system met all necessary FIFA requirements and indicated every one of the 68 goals correctly.

GoalControl GmbH, a German-based company that won the bid to use their technology for the Confederations Cup, uses 14 high-speed cameras around the field to determine whether the ball has crossed the goal-line in its entirety.  The signal for a goal is then given instantaneously to the referee’s watch within one second of the ball crossing the goal-line.  GoalControl GmbH met all of FIFA’s regulations as well as FIFA’s needs regarding local conditions in Brazil, cost, and instillation.  GTL will also be used at the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco this December.

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