Seattle Sounders Set New Attendance Record, MLS Sees New Second Best Figures in 2013

Major League Soccer finished the regular season last weekend and had to settle for a new second best season in attendance figures. The 2012 season maintains the record for both average attendance (18,807) and total attendance (6,074,729).

The 2013 season was just shy of those numbers with 18,608 for the average and 6,010,487 for the total.

Both seasons included 323 matches, each club with 17 at home.

Seattle Sounders also set a new attendance record for a club with an average of 44,038 supporters at CenturyLink Field this season. The club set the previous record just last year with 43,144 and has done so each year since the move to Major League Soccer in 2009.


Graphic: Major League Soccer average attendance by club


Graphic: Major League Soccer Average Attendance by season from 1996 – 2013


Graphic: Major League Soccer Average Attendance trends throughout 2013


Note: Major League Soccer has reported the following figures: “The 2013 season was just shy of those numbers with 18,597 for the average and 6,005,991 for the total.” Business of Soccer independently verified the statistics for each individual match as reported above in the article and is in the process of determining the cause of the difference. We will update when the cause is identified.


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