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In case you missed it, here are some of the headlines from last week from the world of football, brought to you by Business of Soccer. Enjoy.

Brazilian Prosecutors Seek Injunction Over FIFA World Cup Stadium Costs (Business of Soccer)

Unrest in Brazil over the 2014 FIFA World Cup continues as reports surface that prosecutors have filed for an injunction to block FIFA from using public funds to pay for temporary infrastructure at the host stadiums. The equipment in question includes hospitality tents and cabling, as well as broadcasting equipment that, according to the Brazilian federal prosecutor’s office (MPF), “offer no long term benefit to society and should be paid for by FIFA, soccer’s governing body, and local organizers of the event,” Bloomberg reported.

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Juventus Announces Adidas Switch (Business of Soccer)

Juventus, the reigning Serie A Champions recently announced a major sponsorship agreement with German sportswear giant Adidas.  The club officially announced the agreement in a press release last  week confirming that the deal would extend over a 6 year period accumulating to a total compensation of €139.5 million ($191.9 million USD*).  In addition to being the technical sponsor for all Juventus teams (Senior men’s team all the way through Junior youth teams) Adidas will also manage all licensing and merchandising for Juventus for €6 million a year ($8.25 million USD*).

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The Proliferation of Data-Driven Analysis in Football (Part Three: The Scientists) (Business of Soccer)

In this four-part series, we’re covering the burgeoning field of data science in football, with each part looking at one specific player in this ever-expanding market.

We’ve looked at the scout and the coach in previous segments, so let’s dive straight into part three and give the football scientist his due.

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Seattle Sounders Set New Attendance Record, MLS Sees New Second Best Figures in 2013 (Business of Soccer)

Major League Soccer finished the regular season last weekend and had to settle for a new second best season in attendance figures. The 2012 season maintains the record for both average attendance (18,807) and total attendance (6,074,729).

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A Latest Update on Globalization in Football (Business of Soccer)

At this point, we’re all well-versed in the global financial and marketing power boasted by the English Premier League, otherwise known as the Barclays Premier League: the long-term partnership with Barclays Bank has given England’s top flight plenty of commercial exposure and opportunities. Manchester United have led the way with the corporatization of English football, and are one of the only professional sports clubs (never mind in football) to have an international office.

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Toure Racism Claims Will Give UEFA Two Opportunities to Take a Stand (Business of Soccer)

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has claimed that CSKA Moscow fans made racist chants during the teams’ UEFA Champions League match in Moscow on Wednesday.  Manchester City stated that it has submitted a formal written complaint to UEFA.  CSKA Moscow, for its part, has stated that it deems Toure’s claims as “unfounded” and is “surprised and disappointed” by Toure’s claims, and has even gone so far as to say that the claims were “exaggerated” by Toure and British media.  There are two inquiries that now arise in light of Toure’s claims: one that examines the actions of CSKA Moscow fans and one that examines the inaction of the match referee in response to Toure’s claims during the game.

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Swansea City Post £15.3m Profit (F.C. Business)

Swansea City have announced details of its latest accounts which show a healthy profit of £15.3m for the year ending May 31, 2013. The Barclays Premier League club saw its turnover, excluding player dealings, increase by £1.9m to £67.1m, up from £65.2m the previous year.

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France’s Hollande Shows Soccer Clubs Red Card on Tax (Reuters)

The Socialist leader told soccer club owners on Thursday he has no intention of repealing or exempting them from a 75-percent tax on salaries exceeding 1 million euros per year, despite the threat of a match blackout later this month.

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Heineken Signs Up For More Champions League Action (Soccerex)

Dutch brewing giant Heineken has extended its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League in a three-year deal, from 2015-16 to 2017-18. The world’s third largest brewery, which replaced its Amstel brand with its main brand as a sponsor of the Champions League in 2005, is the first sponsor to commit to the tournament beyond the current 2012 to 2015 cycle, according to Reuters. Unlike rival beer brands such as Carlsberg, Heineken does not engage in sponsorships of teams or individuals.

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FIFA Offers Regional Sponsorship Opportunities for World Cup (F.C. Business)

For the first time ever FIFA will offer companies the opportunity to purchase regional sponsorship packages for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups™. Speaking at the post-LOC board meeting media conference in Kazan, FIFA’s Marketing Director Thierry Weil provided details on the new commercial structure, highlighting the significant opportunities and value which is on offer for interested companies.

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