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Happy new year everyone, welcome to the first global recap of 2014.  As befitting a new year, here is an explanation of what this is for any readers not familiar.  The Global Business of Soccer Recap combines a review of the sites previous weeks major postings with other major headlines from that past week that we weren’t able to discuss. We are looking to move on to bigger and better things for Business of Soccer in this new year but a lot will remain the same, and that includes our Global Business of Soccer Recap so with any further delay, lets get started.


Financial History Of Top MLS SuperDraft Selections (Business of Soccer)Chance+Myers+2008+MLS+SuperDraft+jsLdADX9OTJl

The MLS Combine helps teams scout the best talent in the nation and aids in assessing which players are ready for the physicality and quick pace of the professional game.  To give due to the SuperDraft and the impact that these selections can have on a team, Business of Soccer evaluated the salaries of the top ten picks of past SuperDrafts and the impact they may have had on their teams in their rookie years.

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Chelsea Post Losses of 49.4 Million Pounds; Revenue Rises (Bloomberg)CFC

The 2012/13 Fiscal year for London Premier League Club Chelsea shows the club with just under 50 million GBP due to underachievement in Europe and a couple other factors.  Despite this Chelsea continued with a club record revenue on the year despite the losses.

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Potential Impact of France’s Super Tax on Ligue 1 (Business of Soccer)France's President Francois Hollande leaves after the traditional Bastille Day military parade in Paris

Massively unpopular French President Francois Hollande has brought his “Super Tax” into reality after France’s Constitutional Council approved the payroll tax measure on high earners.  Originally meant to be a 75% tax directly on high income citizens who earn more than €1 million annually, the approved tax is quite different from its initial conception.

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Mario Balotelli Signs Puma Boot Deal (Soccerex)PUMA logo

Italian and AC Milan firebrand Mario Balotelli joins former Manchester City team mate Sergio Aguero as well as FC Barcelona midfilder Cesc Fabregas, Monaco striker Radamel Falcao and Borussia Dortmunds Marco Reus on team Puma as he signs a cleat deal with the German Sportswear manufacturer.

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Nicolas Anelka And The ‘La Quenelle’ Racial Gesture Issue (Business of Soccer)BOS_Anelka

Racial discrimination and tension has plagued the world of football these last couple of years more so than most it seems – at least, the issues have surfaced to the headlines more, making the issues much more visible. The latest headlines are all concerning a gesture made by players, called ‘La Quenelle’

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US Soccer And PSG Both Extend Nike Contracts (SportsPro Media)Nike-Hypervenom

The United States, and Paris Saint- Germain have both signed significant extensions to their current Nike kit sponsorship deals moving maintaining relationships that go back two decades for each organization.

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Lawsuit Alleging Ticketing Irregularities During Confed Cup (Business of Soccer)

Brazilian prosecutors from Pernambuco—a state in the Northeastern part of Brazil—brought a lawsuit against FIFA and FIFA’s ticket sales agent, MATCH Services, seeking nearly USD $2 million in damages for alleged ticketing irregularities at Arena Pernambuco during the 2013 Confederations Cup.

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