#SBWeek: Sports Business Networking Week


Running through the week of March 24th, #SBWeek 2014 is about to be in full force.  What is #SBWeek you ask? #SBWeek is a Sports Business networking event organized and planned by Russell Scibetti, Founder of The Business of Sports and Joshua Duboff Editor of The Sports Business Exchange.

Last year #SBWeek was a sports business networking event held on one night across 18 cities that had almost 1500 participants nationwide, this year the event has taken a different approach.

In an effort to include more cities both domestically in the US and internationally, it has turned into a 5 day event that covers 24 cities across the US from Los Angeles and Portland, to Oklahoma City and Minneapolis to New York and Tampa.  Additionally, they have organized events across 8 cities in 5 other countries that include India, England, France, Ireland and Canada.

The concept is this, a simple but awesome opportunity to meet and network with other sports business professionals in your city and area regardless of industry, experience or background. NO RESUMES AT ALL. Business cards are acceptable but again the only rule is NO RESUMES

It’s a casual 2-3 hours of drinks and conversation with other industry peers.  Tickets are $5 and every single cent is being donated to UNICEF with then goal of making sure all the money goes to UNICEF’s Sport for Development (S4D) program. (Info in the Link)

I personally have already signed up for the DC event, and you should find your closest event and sign up as well.  It’s for a great cause, organized by good people that can in the end benefit you too.  Sounds like a Win-Win.

You can sign up for any city’s #SBWeek networking event here thebusinessofsports.eventbrite.com

And here’s a list of all the participating cities:

Monday, March 24

Tuesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 26

Thursday, March 27

Friday, March 28

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