Global Business of Soccer Recap


Here we go with another round-up of the previous weeks headlines and top stories from around the global soccer industry.  From commentators to lockouts to legal disputes, this week is sure to inform.


nycfcbadgeNYCFC Pay Homage to Owners and Fans in Club’s Official Badge (Business of Soccer)

After narrowing the development down to two distinct club badges, NYCFC decided to leave the decision to a fan vote.  On Thursday of last week, the results were announced and NYCFC revealed their Official Club Badge.

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MLS-refereesMLS, Referees End Lockout (ESPN FC)

The lockout that began March 7th and has lasted through the first two MLS gameweeks has now ended.  A new 5-year agreement has been signed between PSRA and PRO.

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BOS_VW logoVolkswagen and Hyundai Play “Who’s the Sponsor” (Business of Soccer)

Hyundai recently aired a commercial in Brazil ahead of the World Cup that Volkswagen believes infringes on the image rights of the Brazilian National Team that they have an exclusive agreement on.

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BOS_Toronto LogoMLSE Plan to Spend Big Bucks To Upgrade BMO Field (Toronto Sun)

Tim Leiweke has announced that BMO Field is set for a $120 million upgrade this Summer with an additional $30 million total coming from city, province, and national government in the form of a loan to be paid back over 20 years.

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BOS_MLS LOGOMLS Releases 2014 Roster Rules (Business of Soccer)

Major changes have been announced and made this season for MLS but one that might have flown under the radar is MLS roster rules that include a change in the Salary Cap affecting budget and salary trends in the league.

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DCUDC United Returns on Comcast Sportsnet Mid Atlantic (Washington Post)

DC United is no longer with a regional TV network.  In an agreement that includes pre and post game shows, Comcast ensures that the mid-Atlantic region has some black and red representation.

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Bale NeymarClásico Cost Analysis: Bale vs. Neymar (Business of Soccer)

Arguably the two biggest signings globally last summer, Bale and Neymar, have both had impressive seasons so far.  Business of Soccer decided to try and find a way to determine who might have gotten the better value for money.

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ESPNESPN Hire Jon Champion and Daniel Mann (World Soccer Talk)

The World Cup has two new British ESPN commentators, bringing ESPN’s commentating staff to six for the tournament.  Both have World Cup announcing experience as well as Premier League experience.

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TicketEPL and MLS Wrap up Unimpressive Attendance Week (Business of Soccer)

MLS gameweek 2 and EPL gameweek 29 saw attendance numbers that did not match previous gameweek figures and growth though neither league’s numbers display issues regarding attendance trends.

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FIFARio Mayor Acknowledges Venues Behind Schedule (Associated Press)

The World Cup preparation in Brazil has been riddled with different controversies but none have been larger than the issues surrounding stadium construction.  Having missed numerous deadlines set by FIFA, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro speaks on the subject.

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