Coke Launches Its Largest Marketing Campaign Ever for World Cup

The world’s most recognized brand, Coca-Cola, launched the main phase of what the global beverage company is calling its largest marketing campaign ever on Wednesday in preparation for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. An official FIFA Partner, the highest level of sponsorship with the world’s football governing body, Coke will use this program as a “testbed” for future initiatives such as Beacon technology and real-time marketing, according to Marketing Week.

The digital film, “One World, One Game” is the feature piece of the campaign and it highlights the global nature of the game, telling a story of several fans’ journey to the Brazil World Cup and how football brings everyone together, not just every four years.

“TheWorld’s Cup” campaign began back at the start of the year with a series of short films that documented and followed Coke’s Trophy Tour around the globe. Coca-Cola chief marketing and commercial officer, Joseph Tripodi, said

Through ‘The World’s Cup’ campaign, Coca-Cola wants to celebrate real people playing football, demonstrating how the game is a force for a more inclusive and connected world.

Coke has long been known for its thought leadership within the marketing industry, and now it will show us again what they are capable of and what the possibilities could be in this area moving forward. It will be especially interesting to see what how they are able to incorporate Beacon technology, or proximity based marketing, and what type of analytical results and insights they can garner from the use of global real time marketing activity, a first for Coke. It is no secret that Social Marketing is the latest and greatest trend in the industry, and we have yet to fully understand the true magnitude of the possibilities that these networks lend to marketers. Paul Dwan, head of assets and experiential at Coke, said

It’s important for a brand like ours that has social at the beating heart of everything we do to keep the fans in mind. We’re constantly listening to how consumers are interacting with the World Cup.

The biggest difference between previous tournaments is our focus on real-time marketing rather than pre-planned executions. That’s about having a right-time approach rather than being excessive. Our aim is to make those people watching at home feel like they’re part of the experience happening in the stadium.

Just as the beautiful game evolves, so too does the dynamic of the consumer-marketer relationship. Coke will look to capitalize on its partnership with FIFA not just monetarily for the World Cup in Brazil, which is a given, but this will be a very important and rare learning opportunity for them that will help mold the company’s, and potentially the industry’s, strategies moving forward.


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