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Four days to go until the World Cup commences down in Brazil and Business of Soccer has got your back this week with jam packed World Cup content scheduled.  What we also have is our roundup of Business of Soccer’s features as well as the biggest headlines from the past week. Here we go:


Star Studded Beats Commercial Shows World Cup Game Faces – (Spin)Beats By Dre

If you haven’t seen the new Beats by Dre World Cup commercial  then you are missing out.  Truly…you need to see it, it will give you chills.  Just click the link below.

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World Cup Caches: A Short-Term Investment – (Business of Soccer)World Cup Coaches2

With the World Cup now just days away and injuries marring many county’s 23 men rosters, most of the focus tends to land on the players rather than their coaching counterparts.  In this feature, Business of Soccer takes an in depth look at World Cup coaches.

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Adidas House Match Ft. Beckham, Zidane, and Bale – (Soccerbible)adidas_is_all_in

Lucas Moura gets no love in the title, but is the fourth man in Adidas’ latest video “House Match” which pits retired legends Zidane and Beckham against PSG’s  Lucas Moura and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale in a generational showdown.

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Adidas vs Nike: A Global Power Struggle Hinged on The World Cup – (Business of Soccer)knitwars

In the marketing world, comprehensive and coordinated media campaigns that lack social media simply don’t deserve to be described as comprehensive or coordinated.  Adidas and Nike leverage social media massively and in this feature Business of Soccer profiles each companies social media engagement and the impact.

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100,000 Sponsor Tickets Available To Fans – (Bloomberg)fifa-world-cup-2014-espn-trailer

25% of World Cup ticket’s are reserved for sponsors and affiliates but FIFA requires them to confirm demand ahead of time and before matches, this has resulted in new tickets being available to fans due to sponsors not claiming available tickets.

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To Contrast Or Not To Contrast: A World Cup Kit Decision – (Business of Soccer)FINAL_ClintDempseyFullBody_large

In the past, there have been some World Cup kits that have left people breathless…from either laughter or embarrassment.  Now FIFA maintains rules and regulations on World Cup kits and Business of Soccer looks into how kit manufacturers have responded for 2014.

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Premier League Club Revenue Tops £2.5bn – (FC Business)10 Things 1.23.14

Deloitte’s Football Finance Review for the 2012/13 season is out and the revenue gathered from the top 92 teams in England.  There’s both good and bad news in the report which includes revenue and wage data among other findings.

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MLS Week 13 Average Attendance – (Business of Soccer)MLS logo

Week 13 in MLS saw three sold-out matches along with a total weekly attendance that just broke 18,000.  These numbers were compared against the season trend, and then updated the season average against previous seasons going back to 1996 in Business of Soccer’s weekly MLS attendance assessment.

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Brazil Strikes A Threat To A Smooth World Cup – (Associated Press)Brazil Workers Strike

Potential chaos looms over several World Cup host cities in Brazil as strikes prove to be more disruptive than mass demonstrations.  Unions seek to use to the World Cup as leverage for, in many cases, higher pay and better working conditions.

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Cameroon Players Delay Travel Over Bonus Pay – (ABC via Associated Press)Germany v Cameroon - International Friendly

Cameroonian national team players as well as association officials were expected to board a flight yesterday morning for Brazil but the players refused to board, causing a massive 12-hour delay in departure, due to a dispute over player compensation.

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