97.4% of Stadiums Full After First Set of Group Stage Games

The average attendance for each team’s debut game in the 2014 World Cup was 49,695.  For a more significant evaluation of attendance, stadiums were filled to 97.4% capacity on average for each of the first games in group play.  The match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina saw the highest attendance at 74,738.

There were two sell outs reported in the first round of games.  Switzerland versus Ecuador at  Estadio Nacional in Brasilia (68,351 attended) and Argentina versus Bosnia-Herzegovina at Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro (74,738 attended).

Below is a visualization of the average attendance for the first two games each group has played in the World Cup.

Below is a visualization of the average % of stadiums filled in the first two games of each group thus far.

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