World Cup Brand Bracket: Round of 16 Groups A/B & C/D


If you have not checked out The Wall Street Journal’s “World Cup of Everything Else”, please do, it’s worth your precious free/procrastination time.  As interesting as it is, it still lacks a Business of Soccer perspective so we’ve decided to provide our readers with our own remedy: The World Cup of Brands

After each Round of 16 pairs of games, and continuing until the World Cup Final itself, we will be maintaining and updating our very own World Cup Brands Bracket.  Besides tournament coordinated campaigns across television, print, social media and the internet, the essence of apparel sponsorship is found in the number of visual impressions made on consumers.  The higher the profile of the team, tournament and performance correlates with sales. Having a sponsored team progress in the World Cup consequently becomes incredibly valuable to that brand.

Using the brand breakdown found in our “Landscape of National Team Apparel Sponsors”, we will be tracking the progress of the World Cup via the brands which sponsor each national team’s apparel.  At the beginning of the tournament, eight brands we represented in Adidas, Puma, Nike, Lotto, Burrda, Marathon, Joma, and Uhlsport.  Following the completion of the group stages only five remain with Adidas, Nike, Puma, Burrda and Lotto making it through.

Adidas and Nike are tied with for the highest representation with five teams each, Puma follows with four teams while Lotto and Burrda each have one team. With no Round of 16 matchup where any brand comes up against itself, every brand has the potential to move onto the quarter finals with the same number of sponsored team’s as they have now though obviously not ever brands will.

Enough explanation, onto the brackets themselves. Brazil vs Chile and Uruguay vs Colombia provide a Nike vs Puma as well as an Adidas vs Puma matchup.

Group A-B Brand Bracket

Group C-D Brand Bracket

With Brazil’s 3-2 penalty win over Chile in the A1-B2 match up today, and Colombia’s  2-0  win over Uruguay in the C1-D2 matchup, Puma simply took a 50% hit to their World Cup representation while Adidas and Nike stay intact for at least one more day.  Through the Netherlands and Mexico, Adidas and Nike will battle it out at 12:00PM while Nike puts it on the line against Lotto as well through Greece vs Costa Rica.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

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