World Cup Brand Bracket: Round of 16 Groups E/F & G/H


Our Brand Bracket continues to roll on today as we look to find out two more Quarter-Finalists.  With the Brazil vs. Colombia & the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica quarter final matchups already in place, we look forward to today’s and tomorrow’s games to set up the other two quarter finals which should prove as interesting for our Brand Bracket as it will for fans’ regular brackets.  Today starts the elimination round process for the teams that have advanced out of Groups E,F,G and H which consists of France, Nigeria, Germany, Algeria, USA, Belgium, Switzerland and Argentina.

Nike, Adidas, and Puma continue their constant presence in this World Cup while Burrda, the Swiss apparel company that sponsors Belgium will look to emulate Lotto as a single team sponsor that moves onto the Quarter-Finals.

Yesterday we saw Nike face a two front battle against Adidas and Lotto where the Portland based sportswear company persevered against their Adidas opponents but fell short to Lotto.  Today will see a similar two-front battle, this time with German based and Official World Cup Partner Adidas as Germany and Nigeria face Nike’s France and Puma’s Algeria.

Group E-F Brand Bracket

Group G-H Brand Bracket

As results and the Brackets have shown, Nike knocks out another Adidas representative in Nigeria’s loss to France, though Adidas takes the loss in stride by knocking out another Puma side in Algeria with Germany taking it to extra time and winning 2-1, cbooking their their place in the Quarter Finals.

These results now edge Nike to the lead with five teams still in it, Adidas drops to four teams with the elimination of Nigeria and Puma now sits tied with Burrda and Lotto with one single representative left in the World Cup.

Germany winning now creates a heavyweight European and brand matchup with France taking on Germany in a Nike vs Adidas titanic match.

Quarter F - 3 Brand Bracket

All that’s left to wrap up the round of 16, is Burrda’s battle against Nike via Belgium vs. USA and Puma’s battle for survival against Adidas in Argentina vs. Switzerland tomorrow.  Both games should prove to be great games and we’ll see if this World Cup of Brands is reduced to three representatives if Puma and Burrda find themselves being packed up in Belgium’s and Switzerland’s bags.

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