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Well the latest edition of Business of Soccer’s Global recap is exactly that…late.  But it’s all ok, you all have had the wonderful World Cup to keep you entertained.  That’s enough babbling though, you’ve been kept from the Global Recap long enough, so without further ado:


FIFA Takes Aim at Doping Starting at the World Cup – (Business of Soccer)FIFA

From Micoach to Goal-Line Technology, soccer has been moving towards further integration with the technological age and that integration includes FIFA testing players for banned substances, a list that is quite long.


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World Cup Boot League – The Group Stage – (Soccerbible)Soccer Bible

There have been 136 goals in the Group Stage, Neymar hit the 100th goal of the World Cup in Nike HyperVenoms but do you know what the goal scorers of the other 135 goals were wearing?


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Castrol Revs Up Marketing Engine With FIFA World Cup – (Business of Soccer)Castrol Brazil 2014

Bringing thought leadership to the performance analysis is not exactly that first description you might make of motor oil company Castrol, but that’s exactly what they’ve done over the years by sneaking into the global soccer industry and they are stepping up further during this World Cup.


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World Football: From Consumption to Sponsorship – (Soccerex)Soccerex_Logo

A fan’s need to be connected to the team that they support isn’t a new concept but it has taken on a new dimension, especially in soccer with the various technology platforms that allow fans from around the world to access the sport, something marketers are very aware of.


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US Soccer Marketing Succeeds Using Taste-Makers – (Business of Soccer)Conan OBrien USMNT Jersey

This isn’t the first time that soccer in the United States has reached fever levels, but it has definitely been one of the most coordinated efforts from US Soccer to build support, especially on the social media side.


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Soccer Union Calls For Concussion Protocol After World Cup Flap – (Bloomberg) FIFPro Logo

Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira took a knee took an unintentional knee to the head in their Group Stage game against England and was knocked out cold and was possibly concussed.  FIFPro, world football’s players’ association has now called on FIFA to step up their protection of players after Pereira was allowed back onto the field immediately after.


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2014 World Cup Attendance: The Group Stages – (Business of Soccer)A reflection of cheering fans is seen before the 2014 World Cup opening match between Brazil and Croatia at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo

Total attendance stats have been widely reported on for this World Cup, but there’s more to attendance than just the total number of people across the whole tournament.  Our World Cup attendance analysis looks at how full stadiums have been compared to capacity as well as Group and City breakdowns plus sellouts.


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The Highest Paid-Coaches At The World Cup – (Forbes)Forbes

Think you know which national team coaches are paid the most?  Test your knowledge against Forbes’ list and see which of the highest paid coaches have earned their pay by leading their teams into the elimination rounds.


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Major League Soccer At The World Cup: Salary & Performance – (Business of Soccer)BOS_MLS LOGO

While the European leagues have gotten much of the attention as far as where big name players at the World Cup ply their trade, MLS is certainly pushing their name into the conversation with their own representatives at the World Cup.  Find out who those players are and what they earn.


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