World Cup Brand Bracket: Kicking off the Quarter Finals


There are few capable of wax poetic levels to truly capture the heartbreak of USA’s loss to Belgium in the Round of 16. For the record, as a DC native I support renaming Reagan National Airport to Tim Howard National Airport.  For better or for worse the time has come to move on, specifically  at 12:00PM Eastern Time in Bahia’s Capital, Salvador, as Germany kicks off against France.

This matchup is the next step for the Business of Soccer Brand Bracket into the Quarter-Final rounds to once again examine which of the four apparel sponsors left will continue to receive the exposure and impressions deserving of a Quarter-Finalist and eventual Semi-Finalist.  The Round of 16 Brackets for A,B,C,D and E,F,G,H narrowed down the list to eight teams across four brands, eliminating Puma, whittling down Adidas and Nike to just three teams each, and maintaining the wonderful stories of Lotto and Burrda as Costa Rica and Belgium look to extend their stay.

There are two games today, France vs. Germany in Salvador and host Brazil vs Colombia in Fortaleza.  Both matchups are colossal and have to be forcing people to rethink some of their grilling duties in favor of finding a good spot on their couch.

Quarter F - 2 Brand Bracket

Quarter F - 1 Brand Bracket

Both are blockbuster games which feature the two brand heavyweights, Adidas and Nike, facing off to knock one of the others representatives out.

With every single Group winner advancing out of the Round of 16, each Quarter-final matchup is set to be tantalizing and entertaining and while tomorrow’s games are no different in entertainment value, they don’t feature the brand heavyweight matchups as today, rather they pit Italian based Lotto against Nike and Swiss apparel company Burrda up against Adidas.

Quarter F - 3 Brand Bracket

Quarter F - 4 Brand Bracket

Slowly but surely the tournament is coming down to the end and is proving to be every bit as entertaining as expected.  This can only be good for the brands still in it and to be associated with top shelf performances and such a high profile tournament should serve to imprint positive brand association, especially with Burrda and Lotto.  Lotto at the moment can’t keep up with demand for Costa Rica kits.

With the first Quarter Final less than an hour away, it’s time to sit and watch these players do what they do best, and hopefully create moments that never leave the collective World Cup memory. Cheers and enjoy.

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