World Cup Brand Bracket: Finishing Up the Quarter Finals


It’ almost here, just two more games and the World Cup Final match will be upon us in all its glory.  For all its glory, there have been some heavy costs, in addition to the enormous list of injured players who were not able to compete at all, there has been a growing list of players injured during this World Cup. The most notable and recent additions have been Argentina’s Angel Di Maria with a thigh injury and Brazil’s Neymar with a fractured Vertebrae.

In addition to being key members of their respective national teams in this tournament, they are high profile members of Adidas and Nike’s sponsorship teams.  Di Maria out for Adidas and Neymar out for Nike are big blows for both major sportswear companies, fortunately though they still have major representation in this World Cup, not just from players.

With the far from simple eliminations of Belgium’s Red Devil’s and the Ticos from Costa Rica, Burrda and Lotto take their exits stage left from the World Cup and leave heavyweights Nike and Adidas to duke it out for World Cup winning brand, on the field at least.


Quarter F - 3 Brand Bracket

Quarter F - 4 Brand Bracket

Quarter F - 1 Brand Bracket

Quarter F - 2 Brand Bracket

The way this Brand Bracket has worked out, since the elimination rounds began, no brand has ever had to compete against and eliminate itself from competition.  Brands have only ever had to come up against competitor brands and now the Semi-Finals have continued that consistency and provided two Adidas vs Nike gargantuan matchups which very well could result in an Adidas vs Nike World Cup final. It could also just as easily be a Nike vs Nike or an Adidas vs Adidas World Cup final without losing any of the entertainment value.


Semi F - 1 Brand Bracket


Semi F - 2 Brand Bracket

These semi-finals could provide the platform for a European team to finally win a World Cup on south American soil.  Both Semi-Finals are European vs South American powerhouses with an immense amount of tradition behind each team.  with such an even split, brand-wise, its hard to argue that Nike and Adidas have chosen quality teams to outfit but Lotto and Burrda leave with heads held high and surely large boosts in apparel sales.

The Cinderella stories are over, its now time for mettle to be tested, resolves to be questioned, and teams to prove they have that step up in quality required of a World Cup Finalist.  Nike and Adidas will be hoping they’ve sponsored correctly, and in the next two days, we will surely find out.

Reporting on the business side of the world's game.