World Cup Brand Bracket: The Semi-Finals

The Brand Bracket is all but wrapped up.  First and foremost let us have a moment of silence for Brazil’s 7-1 battering that they took from Germany.  More importantly the moment of silence is for the fans.  That scoreline was and is by far the most surprising aspect of this World Cup so far.

Another surprising thing about the World Cup final, now set between Germany and Argentina is that there is finally a single-brand matchup.  If you’ve been following the Brand Bracket so far, it has been brought up numerous times how in each elimination stage, no two teams have ever taken the field wearing the same apparel sponsor as the other.  That obviously is no longer the case as Nike took a double hit in these semi-finals against Adidas opposition to see their World Cup ambush campaign come to an end.


Semi F - 1 Brand Bracket

Semi F - 2 Brand Bracket

These two Semi-Finals have provided for two polar opposite matches.  One was incredibly and surprisingly open and showed what a clinical, ruthless team in front of goal can do in a truly open matchup.  The other displayed two incredibly talented and technical teams who played in a very tactical and technical manner.

Both games were equally entertaining but should be very satisfying for tournament sponsor Adidas as there will not only be signage all around the field, but television spots, both teams jerseys, as well as numerous players on the field all wearing Adidas equipment.  This doesn’t even get into the tournament Final Ball.

World Cup Final Brand Bracket

Not much else needs to be said about this matchup.  To see Thomas Muller and Toni Kroos line up against Messi and Mascherano for the World Cup trophy will be a special game for sure.  Sunday cannot come soon enough.

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