Week 3 BPL Stadiums More Full But Attendance Falls 2.59%

Business of Soccer’s attendance breakdown of the Barclay’s Premier League continues with ten games from Week 3 which started Saturday August 30th and ended Sunday August 31st. While Week 3 attendance figures at face value appear to continue a downward trend set by Week 2, the week itself actually holds its own given certain circumstances.

Average attendance for Week 3 was 32,451 down 2.59% from 33,291 in Week 2. This continued the downward trend of average attendance from Week 1 which shows a total 18.85% difference between the opening week and this most recent round of matches.

While the numbers appear bad, a wrinkle to Week 3 can be found in the average stadium capacity. Week 3’s average home team capacity is the lowest so far this season at 34,554. It is 4% smaller than Week 2 and 14.24% smaller than Week 1.

Despite having a smaller average attendance compared to Week 2, Week 3 actually outperformed Week 2 when looking at how full the home venues were. 

The average stadium was 2.13% more full in Week 3 than the previous week, though when compared to Week 1 it still showed a downward trend.

The 2014/15 season has yet to see a sellout stadium so far though many clubs have been extremely close. Goodison Park was the only venue to maintain it’s Top 3 status of most full stadiums finishing Week 3, though it drops two spots behind QPR’s Loftus Road and Tottenham’s White Hart Lane.  

Aston Villa’s Villa Park remains the worst attended stadium compared to capacity in Week 3 at 66.38% with Newcastle’s St. James’ Park and Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium filling out the other two spots despite filling 93%+ of capacity.

At the end of Week 3 in the BPL, average season attendance sits at 34,770, while for the season the average stadium is 94.98% full. It is still a little early to make any judgements on numbers and with the transfer window finally closed, clubs will have to wait and see if any of their transfer business helps generate more fans in the seats.



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