North London and Mersyside Derbies in BPL Week 6 Attendance

Another week of games in the Barclay’s Premier League has come and gone. The three days making up week 6 included two big time derbies taking place in London and Liverpool. Both the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham and the Merseyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton ended in 1-1 draws with wonder-strikes and injuries to go around.

Average attendance was up 15.15% to 39,096 from 33,172 the week before. This pulled the season average up 1.81% to 35,898 from 35,258 making week 6 only the second positive attendance improvement from the previous week so far this season.
In spite of positive improvements in both weekly and season average attendance, stadiums during week 6 were 94.67% full, down 1.23% from week 5. The reason for this is that while average attendance increased 15.15% (as noted above), average stadium capacity increased at a greater rate, rising 18.52% to 40,943 from 34,544 in week 5. The increase in average stadium capacity for the week outpacing the increase in average attendance over the same period resulted in stadiums being on average less full.
Once again, the BPL is left still searching for a sellout crowd grasping at the 100% of capacity figure and settling for three 99% games. Manchester United’s match against West Ham United, Chelsea’s match against Aston Villa, and the aforementioned North London Derby represented the highest attended games as a proportions to each venue’s capacity.  Meanwhile, West Brom’s match against Burnley, Hull City’s match against Manchester City and Sunderland’s match against Swansea made up the three least attended matches as a proportion to respective capacity.

Each Premier League club has now played three home games each, here’s how each team stacks up against each other:

BPL Weekly Team Averages (Week 6)


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