Averages Fall But Premier League Gets First Sellout in Week 8


This week is a perfect example of why the Premier League is one of the biggest and most entertaining leagues in the world. From an 8-0 scoreline at St Mary’s Park, three goals in the final three minutes at Loftus Road and four superb finishes, one in stoppage time, at the Hawthorns there was never a dull moment to be had. Though not as discussed, but equally noteworthy as those events is that the first sellout of the 2014/15 Premier League season occurred in London. But first the overall breakdown.

On the week and the season, attendance averages are down. Week 8’s 34,083 average attendance is an 11.27% drop from Week 7’s 38,411. This brought the season attendance down slightly by 0.75%, going from 36,257 to 35,985. Like in previous weeks, the drop on average attendance does not outpace the 13.23% drop in average capacity which puts a silver lining on the decrease in overall attendance.
A better visualization of that silver lining comes in the form of the percentage of capacity attendance numbers. As mentioned above, both attendance and capacity changed negatively, but since capacity changed at a greater rate, stadiums were actually more full in Week 8 than Week 7 by 1.43%.  This keeps Premier League stadiums in the 2014/15 season, on average, 95.11% full.  Compared to last year at this time, the pace is being kept as stadiums during the 2013/14 season at Week 8 had been on average 95.23% full. 
Keeping with the trend of good news, as mentioned earlier, the Barclay’s Premier League had it’s first sellout match of the season on Sunday at Loftus Road between Queen’s Park Rangers and Liverpool. Unfortunately the sellout London home crowd had to see their team lose to the visiting Reds. The other top capacity teams were Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, and Everton’s Goodison Park who both had just above 99% of capacity full. The bottom three, and least full venues were Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park, Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium and Burnley’s Turf Moor. It’s unfortunate that Southampton’s 8-0 win over Sunderland was in front of one of the least full stadiums but maybe this will have a positive impact on attendance going forward.

Normally we look at each individual club’s numbers here in terms of average home attendance and % full but with QPR’s sellout crowd we decided to zoom in on QPR’s home attendance numbers specifically. Until next week.

Data Source: Barclay's Premier League & Business of Soccer Analysis

Data Source: Barclay’s Premier League & Business of Soccer Analysis


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