Two More Sellouts in Barclays Premier League Week 11

The margin between two sellouts and three in Week 11 of the Barclays Premier League is fifteen fans.  Queens Park Rangers’ Loftus Road and West Bromwich Albion’s Hawthorns stadiums both posted attendances of 100% this past week while Swansea’s Liberty Stadium 99.92% full.  20,812 fans found seats in a stadium that holds 20,827 according to the Premier League.  The tally for the season is four sellout games so far and it very nearly could have been five.

Weekly and season attendance took dips in week 11 with average attendance for the week at 34,764, down 7.36% from Week 10’s 37,525 average. The season average at this stage in the season, 35,910, is only 0.32% down from the previous week, the smallest change in any direction all season.
As with all our weekly attendance breakdowns, the average attendance should always have the context of venue capacity. Despite this drops in season and weekly attendance averages, percent of capacity of the games rose 1.44% from last week.The increase from 94.6% to 96.04% is the indicator that shows the week in fact was positive despite the initial appearance of  a decline.  If stadiums were more full in the face of decreasing averages it means that the weekly capacity decreased with the changes in venue.

This was the case with average capacity dropping from 39,464 in Week 10 to 36,043 in Week 11. While the 8.67% decrease in capacity has a noticeable affect on the average, the attendance dropping 7.36% and not outpacing the change in capacity is the reason that there was a positive impact on how full stadiums were.

Stadiums were indeed full.  As mentioned earlier, both Loftus Road and The Hawthorns had sellout crowds while the Liberty Stadium were 15 fans away from a sellout.  Additionally though, four other teams between the top and bottom three shown above were anywhere between 1.7% and .5% away from selling out their respective capacities. Sunderland and Burnley were in fact that only clubs this past week who did not break 90% of capacity among their home crowds.

The season is far from over though and despite the poor week from Burnley, they still manage as season average attendance at Turf Moor above 90% and there’s plenty of time to improve.  Here’s a breakdown of each team’s latest home attendance for the season.

Source: Barclay's Premier League Attendance & Business of Soccer Analysis

Source: Barclay’s Premier League Attendance & Business of Soccer Analysis


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