BPL Weeks 13 & 14 Kickoff Festive Football Programme

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the start of the festive football programme in the Premier League, the most congested and match filled part of the calendar for clubs which translates to six games over the course of December including Boxing Day (the day after Christmas).

Gameweeks 13 and 14 came in quick succession of each other and as a result, they have been combined into one analysis.  Going forward, similar midweek gameweek situations will follow this trend.

Starting with average attendance, Weeks 13 and 14 show up on both ends of the spectrum. Week 13 averaged attendances of 34,954 which brought season attendance to 35,927 while Week 14 averaged 37,175 across all matches bringing season attendance up to 36,016.

Compared to week 13, 2013/14, average attendance is down 1.96% from 35,654. Week 14 though makes up for it by being 1.39% higher this season compared to week 14’s 36,667 in 13/14.

These numbers of course should be taken within the context of stadium capacity. Week 13 had a 96.64% fill rate, up 2.73% from the previous week while Week 14 showed stadiums filled 93.87%, a 2.78% drop from the aforementioned Week 13’s numbers.

Week 13’s attendance dropped 5.74% and yet stadiums were 2.73% more full.  This comes from the average capacity of stadiums in week 13, dropping 8.67% and attendance not dropping at an equal or greater rate.

Week 14 shows the opposite possibility. Week 14’s 39,272 average capacity is a 8.96% increase from Week 13 but average attendance only increased 6.35% which is why stadiums, in the end, were less full in Week 14 than in Week 13.

Attendance statistics are at time’s tedious but how full team’s fill their stadium’s in the same week is simple and straight forward.

With combined gameweeks in this analysis it became possible for one team to take two spots.  Manchester United’s Old Trafford hosted both week 13 and 14 games and both games proved to be the 3rd and 2nd most full games of the two weeks. They still couldn’t beat out Queens Park Rangers though, as they took another sellout feather, notching their fourth full sellout of the season.  They, along with West Bromwich Albon in Week 11, remain the only teams to sellout their stadiums at all, though many other teams continually come very close.

It is interesting to note that even with two gameweeks in consideration, thereby increasing the probability of catching a poor performance, no home team showed less than an 84% fill rate in either week.

The weekend approaches once more with even more Festive Football to come, as well as the MLS Cup Final between the LA Galaxy and the New England Revolution. To end, here is how each individual team in the Barclays Premier League is doing in terms of attendance.

BPL Weekly Team Averages (Week 14)

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