Barclays Premier League Week 4 Posts Lowest Average Attendance So Far

The Champions League group stage is set, the silly season is officially over, and the first international break of the season is upon us. I think it’s safe to say, football is back in full swing.

Overall, attendance in GameWeek 4 of the Barclays Premier League has brought the total cumulative attendance in the league to 1,460,507. This actually on the season, is a 96% fill rate against the 1,515,636 total cumulative capacity and potential when taking every home team’s stadium capacity into account. So without further ado, lets get into GW 4 specifically.

GW 4 posted the lowest average attendance of the season so far at 34,843 per game, a 7.23% drop from GW 3. The decrease from the previous week fits with the 6.82% decrease in average capacity from 39,228 to 36,554. On the whole, GW4 posted 348,434 in total attendance out of a potential total capacity of 365,537.

Unfortunately there were no new members of the sellout club to join Norwich and Crystal Palace. The closest to a sellout was The Liberty Stadium who were just 81 fans short of a capacity crowd.

As mentioned above, Total attendance for the week, 348,434 out of a max capacity of 365,537 is 95.32%. GW 4 had the lowest Average attendance number of the season but only the second lowest average % full of the season (silver linings) at 95.61%.The average fill rate for the season is now at 96.37% as a result.

It’s impossible to correlate given the lack of away ticket allocation and away fan attendance breakdowns but something worth noting is that this GW 4 also had the highest average travel distance  per game of the season so far at 140.28 miles (225.77 km). Arsenal traveled easily the farthest to Newcastle’s St James’ Park, going 244.78 miles (393.93 km) while another London club, Crystal Palace traveled least in their 7.26 mile (11.69 km) crosstown trek to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

Swansea’s 81 fans caused the Liberty Stadium to be 99.61% full as opposed to a 100% sellout and a membership in the 2015/16 Season sellout club. Alas that club remains unchanged as Stamford Bridge was 217 fans short of a sellout with 41,581 attendance of the 41,798 capacity posting a 99.48% fill rate. Tottenham’s White Hart lane came in third with 35,865 fans and a 98.85% fill rate.

More notable is Aston Villa’s footing at as the least full home match of the week. 35,399 fans showed up out of a possible 42,660 filling Villa Park 82.98% of the way. This after Villa Park posted a 98.92% fill rate in GW 2 against the visiting Manchester United. No other club posted below 90% of capacity with Southampton edging in at 90.98% full, 29,573 or the 32,505 capable at St Mary’s Stadium and St James’ Park posting a respectable 50,388 of 52,338, filling the 4th largest stadium to 96.27% of capacity.

With those highlights, you’ll find below every club’s attendance progress to date in the Premier League. Every club has now played two home games each which technically allows for an average to be calculated. Thus begins the tracking of every clubs individual average attendance.

PL Week 4 Avg By Club

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