Columbus’ Low Attendance Causes Average Attendance to Dip to 14,830 for Week 4

MLS week 4 average attendance is 14,830 compared to 17,966 last week. The regular season average has decreased 5.73% to 20,703 from 21,962 last week. Stadiums were 70.55% filled throughout the week, finishing at 87.13% of capacity for the season.

One match was sold out this week— Vancouver Whitecaps FC versus Los Angeles Galaxy at BC Place.

Below is a visualization of the season average versus the individual weekly averages.

Below is a visualization of the season average throughout the history of Major League Soccer from 1996 to the current season.

Finally, below is a table with each team’s average home attendance capacity this season.

MLS Attendance Team Averages- 2018

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