Wes Harris

Managing Editor

Saint Joseph’s University, Class of 2011

B.S. Marketing


Wes graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, where he was a participant in the University’s 5-year co-op program and co-founded the Men’s Club Soccer Team. He started with Johnson & Johnson in July of 2010 where he has held positions as a research analyst in the Global Shopper Marketing Department and most recently as a senior customer development analyst on both the Walmart and Target accounts. As a result of his market research and analytical background he has in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior across a wide breadth of ┬ácategories.


In The News:

August 6, 2015 CCTV appearance covering Adidas financial struggles in the U.S. and abroad

July 19, 2015 CCTV appearance covering FIFA presidential election and scandal/reform

June 7, 2015 CCTV appearance covering FIFA scandal and implications for President Sepp Blatter

May 28, 2015 CCTV appearance covering FIFA scandal and impact to sponsors

May 27, 2015 Al Jazeera appearance covering the breaking news of the FIFA arrests and implications of the scandal


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